Wishing Mamma a Goodnight!!

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There are 12 months in a year and out of these 12 months we have only 2 months that starts with letter ‘M’ March and May. Since a child we have always hated March because of the forthcoming school exams.

However, there has always been a special love for the month of May. May was always synonymous with school holidays and was about celebration of Mother’s Day. In our childhood there were many like dad, grandmother,
aunties, etc, who protected us from all the harshness and ensured that we were having a peaceful sleep. This had eased the mom’s job too a bit. But as time flew, people started getting busy in their respective lives. But, it was our
mother, who ensured that we were safe and protected. While looking after us, there were many instances, where she has sacrificed her own slumber and never complained for once. At various junctures in our lives, be it school
examinations, our cricket match, stage performance, board exams, college results, job interviews, living far from home, holiday trips, going out in night, and several other instances, she is still not sleeping and she cannot sleep till the time you are there in front of her eyes, arms or lap. And yes that is the place where we had peaceful sleep.

There have several instances where we have requested her to sleep on time or before but she was never happy or contented. The time has come when we can guarantee that our mothers are sleeping peacefully and more importantly in a healthy manner. And this Mother’s Day Dormio wants you to gift your mother a healthy sleep with their best mattresses. They have special offers, customised only for you. The brand is willing to give a 100 day trial of the best mattresses to your mom so that she can have a healthy and peaceful sleep. You order it from anywhere online or visit the store and they will deliver it to your mom with a surprise. If you order it before mother’s day we will give one pillow free on every order.

So if you want Dormio to become a part of your family find us and take us
home. We would love to be a part of your mom’s peaceful sleep and a reason
for you to be happy.

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