What would be the best mattress for one’s spine?

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It might not come as surprise that sleeping on an unsupportive surface can hurt us. Sinking too deeply into a mattress can disturb the alignment of your joints, causing them to twist and become uncomfortable as the night goes on.

But sleeping on a too firm mattress could also damage the spinal cord. Years ago, doctors often recommended that people with back pain should sleep on a firm mattress. However, recent studies suggest people who sleep on a hard mattress have the poorest sleeping quality.

The types that are best for pain relief is either memory foam or latex good quality mattress. High quality foam mattress conforms closest to the body shape. Conformity means the material allows the wider parts of the body such as hips and shoulders to sink in while the lighter parts such as waist and neck just lay atop.

Sleeping with a straight natural alignment relaxes the pressure associated with the back pain, allowing the spinal cord to adjust correctly and align itself straight.

What makes memory foam or latex mattress the best?

Traditional spring mattresses are plank-like and flat, making the sleeper to lay uneven, regardless of the sleeping position. On the other hand, latex or memory foam takes the shape of the body allowing the sleeper to rest on a contoured shape.

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