What is better, a foam mattress or a spring mattress?

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Although we use mattress daily, but we cannot buy it every day. So, choosing best mattress should be our prime concern, because sleeping with comfort and hygiene is very important. There are so many mattresses with different qualities present in the market. There are many points that we have to think before choosing a mattress such as- Quality, Price, Durability, Hygiene and many more. We get two options while choosing mattresses. These are either foam mattress or spring mattress which are totally different from each other. After reading the points mentioned below, it will be easy and crystal clear which mattress is better either foam mattress or spring mattress, and what to choose.

Spring Mattresses-

The cost of spring mattress is low as compared to foam mattress. But except cost there are many other points that, we should know before purchasing a mattress.

Increasing Pressure Point- If you think that spring mattresses will provide comfort, it’s not at all true. Spring mattresses just gives illusion of comfort. The coils and springs used in those mattresses increase your pressure point and provide pain and discomfort. Spring mattresses do not distribute pressure evenly. Each spring indulged in the mattress pushes back with the same force, so the pressure point is unavoidable.

Less Durable- Spring mattress can last for 7-10 years, but become saggy after 1-2 years.

Unhygienic- When the spring mattress gets old, it becomes unhygienic and unhealthy. Due to the springs used in the mattress the dust mites gets place for them. Skin irritations and skin allergies are caused by the dust mites.

Foam Mattresses-

Foam mattresses are different from spring mattress. Foam mattresses are more durable and hygienic as compared to spring mattresses. These mattresses do not have any springs or coils inside them, so there is no place for nesting of dust mites who causes diseases. While choosing foam mattresses we get two options- Memory Foam Mattresses or Latex Mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses made with natural Memory Foam comes with proper firmness. It adjusts according to the body temperature and gives maintains the body posture. The main feature of memory foam mattress is that reduces the pressure points and provides relief from pain as memory Foam Mattresses do not have any spring or coil inside them.

Latex Mattress- Natural Latex mattresses give huggable soft feel and provides comfortable sleep entire night. These mattresses have breathability that provide comfort and dry sleeping environment. Latex mattresses also have orthopaedic qualities that provides relief from back pain, joint pain, headache, cervical pain and the pains that are caused by sleeping on low quality mattresses. These types of mattresses are beneficial for people of all ages as they are highly hygienic and provide relief from pain.

There is a huge difference between foam mattresses and spring mattresses. Every one of us care about health and hygiene, so instead of going for less costing mattresses we should go for highly beneficial one.

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