What Are the Do’s and Don’ts in Mattress Care?

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When we think about buying mattress things that comes in our mind are durability and comfort. As we don’t buy mattress regularly or daily so these are most important points to be remembered. These points can be fulfilled when the mattress have proper firmness, breathability, hygiene, and durability. These are the things that we expect for mattresses. After getting all these things in a mattress, mattress also expect something from us and that is proper care. Taking care of bedding and bed accessories is very important, if one wish to live a healthy life. Lots of disease are caused because of sleeping on improper and unhygienic mattresses. We spend good sum of amount while purchasing a mattress, so it should be cared properly.
There are some Do’s and Don’ts for mattresses-

The Do’s-
• Mattress should be turned at least 4 time in a year. It will let the wear distribute evenly.
• Always use mattress cover or protective pad. Buy water proof pad if you have kids or pets at home. Cover will protect the mattress from dust and stain.
• Protect the mattress from liquid substance or any type of fluid. Any type of liquid poured on mattress will damage the foam inside the mattress.
• Keep your mattress in the open ventilate area. This will not let any kind of odour stay in the mattress.
• Use sturdy bed frame. This will give good support to your mattress.

The Don’ts –
• Don’t sit on the corner of the mattress.
• Don’t use any detergent powder or dry clean fluid to clean the mattress.
• Don’t let your kids jump on the mattress.
• Don’t place any board between the mattress and the box spring.
• Don’t fold, drag, or pull the mattress, it will affect the foam, cotton and fabric inside the mattress.
• Don’t drop or pour any liquid on the top of the mattress.
• Don’t remove the mattress cover if not needed.

Mattresses should be handled properly, as it is one of the most needed asset of our home. These are the few points that will keep your mattress durable and hygienic for long time. It will let your mattress stay in good condition even after the completion of its warranty. So, follow these do’s and don’ts any keep your mattress young and new for more than expected days, months any years.

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