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Latex mattresses are becoming the talk of the globe nowadays. You may be thinking what a latex mattress is all about and how can it better your sleep.

What is Latex ?
Latex is an organic material that is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree, that processes elasticity. The elasticity allows the mattress to take a shape of your body to make you feel more relaxed. People who have slept on latex mattresses confirm that it feels extremely cushiony at the first touch, but contours around your body, giving your body full support . It comes to no surprise, that people with backpain find immediate comfort with a latex mattress.

The benefits of Latex mattress:

A latex mattress comes with numerous benefits and a high quality sleep experience, explaining its popularity. To name a few:

1. Unique Balance of comfort giving support to your spine:
Almost one third of our lives are spent in a bed. In a world where our daily life is fast paced and stressful, getting sound sleep becomes a nightly struggle. Regular lack of sleep can contribute to a string of health problems: weight gain, high blood pressure, lower immunity and low productivity. It is essential to choose a unique balance of comfort that gives support to your spine.

2. Latex mattress is anti-dust mites, mould and bacteria:
Latex mattresses are made without the use of added chemicals, this makes latex mattress anti-dust mites, mould and bacteria. This ensures a hygienic sleep environment.

3. Air Ventilation:
The open cell natural structure and pinhole pattern structure of latex provides excellent air circulation. This expands the breathability limit resulting n comfortable sleeping temperature. This is extremely import for a country like India, wherein the temperatures are extreme.

4. Correct Body Posture:
Doctors highly recommend to maintain a current body posture. Mattress bought from a local store could potentially damage your posture. Incorrect body posture could lead to backpains, muscle aches, frozen shoulder or stiff body. Latex mattress ensures that it takes the shape of your body by relaxing your muscles and bones while sleeping.

5. No Motion
Latex mattresses are designed in a way that it makes the motion of your partner unconscious, meaning that even if your partner jumps on the side of the bed, you will not feel the movement. Latex mattress are designed in a fashion to give you comfort while you are asleep.

6. Lasts Longer
Latex mattress are more durable, meaning it is one time investment as latex mattresses lasts longer that gives more financial sense for you to buy.

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