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World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee since 2008. The goal is to celebrate the benefits of healthy and good sleep. The aim is to educate the society about the burden of sleep problems and to promote the prevention of sleep disorders. It is imperative to know the causes of irregular sleeping habits and neck pain. One of the major reason of irregular sleep and neck pain is when you wake up with a kink in the neck, it is mostly because of the pillow. It could be because of sleeping postures. An orthopedic pillow can limit the motion and make sure to maintain the right sleeping posture. The neck pain may persist throughout the day, which leads to spondylitis in the later stage.Neck pain may occur occasionally in the initial stage. But with repeated attacks, it may lead to a constant dull pain that you may wake up with each day.

Doctors recommend using an orthopedic pillow as a remedy. Pillows support 7 cardinal bones of the neck, which uphold the head. So, it is crucial that you purchase the right pillow that supports your neck and postures while sleeping to support these bones. It is agreed that no sleeping position is correct. Sleeping on your back has the maximum advantages. When you lay on the spine, the body’s blood circulation is regulated and it helps in improving the breathing. The only disadvantage related to sleeping on the back is Sleep Apnea and snoring. However, companies have anti snoring pillow that can help in eradicating the problem of snoring and once the snoring stops it can be used as a normal orthopedic pillow.  Sleeping on the side is recommended during pregnancy. Because it has a distinct disadvantage of reducing and limiting the blood flow in the arm that you rest on. Also, it may cause a problem to the shoulder that you sleep on. One can use the wedge pillow to take support when laying on one side. Sleeping on the stomach is considered the worst position.

lumber pillowThe spine has two important curvatures, namely lumbar curve, and cervical curve. When you lay on your back on a flat surface, these curves do not get enough support and it gets weaker with time. One should use a lumbar pillow while sitting to support the lumbar curve and a neck pillow to support the cervical curve.

There are orthopedic pillows that position your head in a way that makes you sleep on your back. The best orthopedic pillow is made with Talalay latex as it contours around the neck and shoulders, which relaxes the muscles and gives utmost comfort to the neck and shoulders. It is imperative to choose the right pillow for neck and shoulder. Below is the list of most widely used pillows:

  • Anti-Snoring Pillow: According to the research, 59% of the people snore at night and the average level of snoring is 38 decibels. The snorers must be wondering if anti- snoring pillow help. Well, the answer is yes because these pillows have the same basic job to realign your head and neck to clear your airways while sleeping at night.
  • Ortho pillows:  These pillows are carefully designed to correct body positioning while resting. It is also known as therapeutic pillows because it promises to relieve various conditions like sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, breathing difficulty, blood circulation, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, lower back pain, neck pain etc.
  • Classic pillows: It creates a great cuddly environment by ensuring optimal pressure relief and provides great comfort.
  • Tinnitus: In almost every case, tinnitus is a subjective noise (person who has it can only hear). In rare cases, when the tinnitus is caused by an abnormality in the artery or vein and is the rhythm with the heartbeat. Now the technology has changed the game of tinnitus by introducing tinnitus pillows. It creates a layer of music in your head, which distracts your fear of tinnitus. It comes with patented Pentino tinnitus masking sound which trains the patient’s brain to stop noticing the haunting tinnitus noise.

Take a pledge on this world sleep day to not compromise on your sleep and use the right pillow for the right purpose. Each body is different and demands different comfort, so listen to your body and pick the right pillow.


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