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Anti snoring pillow is designed for people with snoring problems. Anti snoring works due to its specially designed inflatable “head-side roller” which induces side sleep. The inflated head side roller prevents sleeping on the back. Upon regular use of pillow, one gets used to sleeping on the side position and a durable anti snoring solution is achieved. If head side roller is removed, it can be used as normal pillow.

  • Size: 60 cm X 30 cm | Color: White
  • Anti snoring pillow is made with luxurious talalay latex core and therapeutic design for pressure relief and comfort.
  • The elevated sides are specially designed to relax the shoulders and neck and to relieve pain around the cervical region, ensuring optimal comfort and support.
  • Anti allergic, mold and mildew proof.
  • Open porous and breathable materials provide excellent moisture and temperature regulation to create a comfortable and dry sleeping climate.


Size: 60 cm X 30 cm | Color: White

Material: Outer Surface 100% cotton terry | Inner 100% waterproof PVC | Package Contents – 1 Pillow

Zippered And Machine Washable

Breathable And Cool For Breathable Sleep | Maximum Protection From Allergens

Wash Care: First few wash separately | Cold machine wash | Do not use strong Detergent | Do not Bleach | Do not Tumble Dry | Do not soak for a long time | Dry In Shade

Pillow solving your snoring problems

Sleeping is an important aspect of any person’s life. It not only gives the required amount of rest but also rejuvenates a person for the next fresh day. While sleeping several people tend to suffer a snoring problem and the latest offering from Thomsen takes care of the same.
There are lots of people who have the habit of snoring every night. The sound of snoring is caused by tissues at the top of your airway that strike each other and vibrate. Snoring is common, especially among elderly people and people who are overweight. This habit tends to disturb the partner from a comfortable sleep. The patented anti snoring pillows work due to a specially designed, inflatable, head-side roller, which induces side sleep. The regular use of the pillows provides a therapeutic and durable anti-snoring solution. Thomsen anti snoring pillows work best in this regard and now your partner can have peaceful sleep too.  Experience the comfort of Talalay Latex in Thomsen pillows. It is specially designed to provide  therapeutic and durable anti-snoring solution.

Anti Snoring Pillow

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1. Designed for comfort

Therapeutic designs help relax shoulder and neck muscles. Thus, provide supreme comfort.

2. Healthy sleep

With the use of our superior materials, Dormio pillows are created to provide a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

3. Anti-allergic & Anti-Dust mites

The Talalay Latex properties ensure that all our pillows are anti-allergic and free from dust mites.

4. High breathability

 High breathability provided by Dormio products leads to better comfort and good health.

5. Improved blood circulation

A pressure relieving mattress and pillow is appropriate for blood flow and allows you to sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

6. Climate Comfort System

Our mattresses and pillows are soft, breathable and naturally crafted which helps control humidity and regulate body temperature.

2 reviews for Thomsen Anti Snoring pillow

  1. Saba Khan

    Great product, Really helped me to reduce the snoring problem.

  2. afazal

    it is a good product, I got a good result after used

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