Dormio Ortho Pillow

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Thomsen Ortho classic is made with talalay latex and the classic design ensures optimal pressure relief, provide great comfort and create a cuddle sleep environment.

  • Size: 17″ X 27″ : 45 cm X 75 cm | Color: White
  • Open porous and breathable materials provide excellent moisture and temperature regulation to create a comfortable and dry sleeping climate.
  • Anti allergic, mold and mildew proof.
  • Open porous and breathable materials provide excellent moisture and temperature regulation to create a comfortable and dry sleeping climate.
  • Luxurious Talalay Latex core which relieves pressure and provides great comfort and support with its huggable soft feel.
  • Environmental friendly materials, conforming to Oeko Tex 100 standards, which means that it has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health.


Size: 17″ X 27″ : 45 cm X 75 cm | Color: White

Material: Outer Surface 100% cotton terry | Inner 100% waterproof PVC | Package Contents – 2 Pillow Protectors

Zippered And Machine Washable

Breathable And Cool For Breathable Sleep | Maximum Protection From Allergens

Wash Care: First few wash separately | Cold machine wash | Do not use strong Detergent | Do not Bleach | Do not Tumble Dry | Do not soak for a long time | Dry In Shade

Right pillows for sound sleep

A good night’s rest is depends upon on the combination of a good quality mattress as well as a pillow that can adapt to the body and mattress. At Dormio, we have placed a special emphasis on developing pillows that complement our mattresses. We have put special thought and care into designing our pillows providing optimal sleep. Our products ensure that all you have to worry about is waking up the next morning.

Right Pillows For Sound Sleep

Superior Comfort

Our unique “Vario” System allows you to adjust the height of your pillow as per your individual needs. Soft and elastic Vita Talalay latex is used to produce our pillows that adapt extremely well to the contours of the neck and head for maximum comfort and relief.


1. Designed for comfort

Therapeutic designs help relax shoulder and neck muscles. Thus, provide supreme comfort.

2. Healthy sleep

With the use of our superior materials, Dormio pillows are created to provide a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

3. Anti-allergic & Anti-Dust mites

The Talalay Latex properties ensure that all our pillows are anti-allergic and free from dust mites.

4. High breathability

 High breathability provided by Dormio products leads to better comfort and good health.

5. Improved blood circulation

A pressure relieving mattress and pillow is appropriate for blood flow and allows you to sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

6. Climate Comfort System

Our mattresses and pillows are soft, breathable and naturally crafted which helps control humidity and regulate body temperature.

3 reviews for Dormio Ortho Pillow

  1. Rahila Khan

    I have had a major problem with my back, I was suggested by a doctor to use a latex mattress. But then latex mattresses were quite expensive everywhere. So I decided to go with Dormio mattress, I am highly impressed by the product. As promised by the brand, it had managed to take away my back pain.

  2. Vishal Singh

    A very good pillow providing perfect neck support. I Highly Recommend.

  3. Ashwani Mall

    I have been using the pillows from Domio for more than 6 month now. And it is very good, Very soft and retains its size after use. I highly recommend this pillow.

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