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Lumbar Pillow


Lumbar is the problem faced by people relating to the lower part of the back. According to the research, 73% of Indians suffer from lower back related issues. The underlying reason is long working hours in India. Our research and development team invested time to design a lumbar pillow suitable for working professionals. Our patented lumbar pillow has half moon shape that provides utmost comfort to the back while sitting. The material used in the pillow is vita talalay latex and polyurethane foam. The top layer comforms around the back in order to provide the comfort and the bottom layer provides support and firmness. About 40% of the indians have bad posture, lumbar pillows keep the spine straight.


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  1. Luxurious Vita Talalay latex material and the innovation design helps relieve pressure and provides great comfort and support.
  2. Dual layer of polyurethane foam and vita talalay latex adds firmness.
  3. Anti allergic, mold and mildew proof.
  4. Open porous and breathable materials provide excellent moisture and temperature regulation to create a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.
  5. Cover made with technical fabric for controlling temperature, bacteria and humidity. It is easy for spot cleaning and washing.
  6. Environmental friendly materials, conforming to Oeko Tex 100 standards, which means it has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health.

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1. Created for comfort

These pillows reduce pain, snoring and sleep disorders. Thus, enable soothing sleep.

2. Relaxed sleep

Dormio pillows are created to provide a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

3. Anti-allergic & Anti-Dust mites

The Talalay  Latex properties ensure that all our pillows are anti-allergic and free from dust mites.

4. High breathability

 High breathability provided by Dormio products leads to better comfort and good health.

5. Improved blood circulation

A pressure relieving mattress and pillow is appropriate for blood flow and allows you to sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

6. Climate Comfort System

Our mattresses and pillows are soft, breathable and naturally crafted which helps control humidity and regulate body temperature.


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