Dormio – Designed For A Perfectly Comfortable Sleep

Thomsen a highly acclaimed and acknowledged German mattress brand has been existing in the business for over 40 years. It has recently launched Dormio in India that promises to provide premium quality affordable mattresses and pillows maintaining the International standards.

At Dormio, we are driven with the sole mission to provide you the most comfortable sleeping experience. For this, we’ve worked constantly to design a mattress that suits your daily needs, providing you with ultimate comfort.

Finest materials are combined with the most advanced technology, so as to discover a whole new level of comfortable sleep that helps you to start your day energized and fresh

We use highly innovative materials such as Vita Talalay Latex that takes care of the appropriate sleep climate. We keep in mind the needs of each customer, considering that each one has a distinct preference. We have put special thought and care into designing our products that create a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment. Our products ensure that all you have to worry about is waking up the next morning.

We firmly believe that an ideal combination of the right product coupled with a great service will lead to a superior and easier buying experience.

Why Talalay Latex mattress?

What matters the most is what is inside your mattress, that is the secret to a healthy sleep. For the same reason, we focus on providing the best quality of natural latex foam. We care about the environment, hence we harvest the best natural latex from the rubber tree. These trees uptake an enormous amount of carbon dioxide from the air.