Over Sleeping: A menace waiting for you!

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“Sleep is the best meditation”, we have often heard this and it is an irrefutable fact. A nap in a day full of avalanche seems irresistible, while a nap once in a while has never harmed anyone and unequivocally, sleep does reinvigorate you, making you capable of doing things in a far better way. However, too much of sleep can be highly menacing. With this article, we at Dormio, as sleep experts would like to throw a light on the repercussions of over sleeping.

While over-sleeping can be an enormous impediment in turning your dreams to a reality, the repercussions are way beyond that. Over-sleeping has been linked to a myriad of medical problems, diabetes, heart-diseases and increased risk of death to name a few.

The amount of sleep you require differ over the course of your life. We as the best mattress brand in India and Germany assure that It depends tremendously on your age, physical activity level as well as your health and lifestyle. To delineate, during a phase of stress or illness, you may feel a desperately increased need to sleep. Though sleep needs vary from person to person, experts recommend that adults must sleep between 7 to 9 hours every night.

Over-sleeping or hypersomnia makes one suffer from tremendous sleepiness through-out the day, which is not relieved by napping. Many people with hypersomnia experience low energy, anxiety and problems in memory retaining as a result of their constant need to sleep. Hypersomnia can also lead to obesity and diabetes. A study revealed that people who sleep for 10hours or more everyday were 21% more likely to be obese. This link between gaining the weight and sleeping remained same when food intake and physical exercises were also considered.

Hypersomnia is known to give excruciating headaches and backaches. The sleep researchers and experts at Dormio will try to explain it to you. Over sleeping has a tremendous effect on the neurotransmitters of the brain rendering it to work efficiently and causing those painful aches.

It’s true how they say, “you sleep, you lose”, a right sleeping pattern is highly essential for one’s well being. Keeping that in mind, we at DORMIO, known for being sleep researchers and best mattress,  have engineered mattress which provide the ultimate sleeping environment to help you have a profound sleep in the appropriate time.

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