New Motherhood: Tips To Make A Cordial Relationship With Sleep

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Most new Moms underestimate how much sleep they are going to lose, by not only trying to get their baby back to sleep but also trying to get themselves back to sleep. There is plenty of sleep advice given to new moms but very few consider the importance of it. Life will change when the baby arrives, and you’ll soon learn how to embrace the differences.

Moms lose the ample amount of sleep with their new responsibilities, during the few months when the baby becomes a part of your family. While on average eight hours of sleep per night is ideal for mothers. When you are not getting enough sleep or once you don’t have a precise sleeping routine, this might seriously affect your daily lives and take a toll on your health. If you tend to go to work after a sleepless night, you will feel tired all day and you cannot work efficiently, or even if you’re at home, you have difficulties doing your daily work. So getting a sound sleep after childbirth at night becomes a struggle.

Some tips for new moms that’ll help your family get the rest they need: With the arrival of the baby, you need to pencil down your priorities now and make some changes here and there in your daily routine.

Always keep yourself well-stocked with baby products

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You do not want to wake up in the middle of the night and realize that there are no more wipes or diapers available. If you make sure the baby’s table is well stocked, you’ll be able to handle midnight changes quickly and go back to sleep.

Invest in a Good Mattress & Pillow

Invest in a good Mattress Pillow

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so it is really important to invest in a good mattress and pillow. More than quantity, quality sleep is important, so it is advisable to choose a mattress that is made of breathable latex foam with the climate control system, should have no motion feature so that you are not disturbing your partner/ baby.

Support your back

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Uneven sleeping pattern can disturb the whole day cycle, it can even alleviate back pain in few cases, so give support to your back by using a special spine, wedge or neck support pillows. Try to take a power nap in between of work because it gives a boost up to you.

Go to bed early

After a long day, you’d like to sit down and watch your favorite movie/ show once the baby is asleep, but believe us; you should better be heading off to bed. New-borns are highly unpredictable and you just have no idea how many time you’ll be up in the night. Watching a screen before sleeping will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Eat properly and eat healthily

Eat  properly and eat Healthily

Avoid all sorts of greasy, sweet and junk food. Make sure you have a heavy nutritious lunch and a light healthy dinner. Proper meals will help you handle sleep deprivation and will help you fall asleep quickly.

Exercise is a must

Make sure you work out daily and you can also try some breathing exercises that will help you get a healthy sleep at night. All these tips might help you sleep at night and embrace your motherhood with a lot of love and care. Don’t worry. It’s a beautiful Journey and you got this.

(With inputs from Anil Gupta, Chairman, Thomsen Germany, who is an expert in the mattress and pillow industry)
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