How to get rid of health related issues/pain after festivals?

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India is the country of mixed cultures and traditions. Here we follow different cultures and celebrate different festivals with joy and zeal. Among all the festive seasons from October to December is the time when we enjoy festivity a lot. We face a lot of hectic and eratic schedules during festival time. There are innumerable tasks that we perform during that time like shopping, cleaning our houses, helping in white wash etc. Females are the one who are highly active during this period and after the completion of festivals, they are the ones who face a lot of health issues like muscle pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain etc. To get rid of this pain women tend to adopt the easiest way possible by gulping down painkillers that may provide them with temporary relief for a short period of time. However, these are extremely harmful to their future health. So, this festive season lets gift our loved ones a painless smile. Gift them Dormio sleeping solutions because pain can only be cured by taking rest and proper sleep on the right kind of mattress. Our orthopaedic mattress and pillows will help you in providing relief in your pain.

Dormio understands and respects your concern for your close ones. We are here to put our little efforts and pour painless smile in the lives your family members. We believe in curing the pain without harmful pain killers. Dormio is the only brand that provides you benefit of customizing your mattress according to your need. Dormio products help in proving relief in pain easily and effectively.

Dormio Orthopaedic Vita Talalay Latex MattressVita Talalay Latex is a unique material that has greater elasticity and bounce with a tender feel. It adapts gently to the individual body contours so the spine is kept in an anatomically correct position, and the muscles are relaxed. It provides pinpoint support to spine and joints for relaxed muscles and relief from back pain. It improves blood circulation and gives orthopaedic treatment at home. Dormio mattress are allergy proof and creates healthy sleep environment.

Dormio Memory Foam Mattress Dormio Memory Foam Mattress is a superior mattress for revitalizing and comfortable sleep. It responds to body temperature and adapts to body shape. This mattress relieves the pressure points, enhances the blood circulation and improves rejuvenation of muscles. It reduces tossing and turning and gives better sleep experience at night. And it helps in improving body posture.

Dormio Orthopaedic Vita Talalay Latex Pillow Choosing right pillows for yourself is also equally important for yourself. People today suffer from stiffness and pain in their back, neck and shoulder areas.  Dormio ortho pillows are designed to correct body positioning, and to provide orthopaedic comfort and guidelines to ensure the right placement and support of one and more specific parts of the body.

Dormio Normo Pillow This collection of Dormio is designed to provide comfortable and sound sleep. It improves sleeping disorder and creates a peaceful and dry sleeping environment.

This festive season lets remove all the pain from our lives in a painless and harmless manner. Bring Dormio sleeping solutions at your place and remove pain in a healthy way. Order products online.

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