How To Choose An Orthopaedic Pillow

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It has been said over and over again, but people keep ignoring the advice that healthy sleep is one of the most important key in healthy lifestyle. While a bedding has quite a lot of components itself, one of the most crucial ones is the pillow.

But it could be quite stressful to decide which pillow should be used exactly? Soft, hard, medium, small or big. According to the most experts, feather pillows cannot do a proper job of taking care of neck, shoulder and back. The doctors recommend that for the proper sleep, you need an anatomically comfortable and correct orthopaedic pillow.

In order to choose the pillow height? Few things need to taken under consideration like weight, size as well as preferable sleeping position. To elaborate, if the weight and height is pretty standard and you prefer to sleep on the back, then the ideal height of pillow would be 4 inches or 10 centimetres. To be accurate, the back side of the pillow (the wall side) should be higher about an inch then the rest of the pillow. There are companies that design the pillows with varying heights.

Best Orthopaedic Pillow

Most recommended orthopaedic pillow by the doctors are the ones with the Vita Talalay Latex. Vita Talalay latex pillows are designed for comfort and pressure relief. It is particularly recommended to people with cervical issues as the material relaxes the cervical muscles and eliminates the pressure points. Vita Talalay Latex pillows have the properties of contouring around the neck and shoulders which retains volume and a bounce for a long duration. The pillows are made with open porous and breathable materials that mainly provides excellent moisture and temperature regulation to create a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

There are pillows particularly designed for people with orthopaedic issues. The pillows usually have a unique shape i.e. round shaped ridge at the front, ensuring the spine remains in anatomically correct position. It provides huggable soft feel as it provides utmost comfort and support.

Depending on your issues, the below mentioned pillows are recommended. Say, when you wake up with frozen neck and shoulder and find it difficult to perform at work.Such issues are a major concern for people in India. So, first things first would be for you to decide what you are looking for. Some major problems faced by people are mentioned below:

  • Neck and shoulders pain– People often feel the pain in the neck and shoulders. This might be confused with cervical pain. Yes, if ignored it could lead to cervical problems and years and years of doctor consultation, which is again a big hole in the pocket. So our suggestion remains very simple that once you feel you are not satisfied with your current pillow, you should consider buying and orthopaedic pillow. It is also called ortho classic and ortho plus.
  • Tinnitus– If you hear a sound of humming, buzzing and whistling within an human ear when no actual sound is present. In most cases it loads to constant and intrusive sound, which leads to sleep disruption. The only solution is it is greatly relieved by sound therapy. There are pillows that comes with patented Pentino tinnitus masking sound which trains the patient’s brain to stop noticing the haunting tinnitus noise. The Tinnitus Pillows come with an in-built speaker that creates a layer of sound around the ear.
  • Snoring– It is a major problem faced by people in India. It affects you less but makes your partner face the repercussions as it leads to disrupted sleep for your partner. Anti-snoring pillows are especially designed with inflatable and head side roller. It comes with a head side roller, that can be removed and used as a regular pillow.

Think wisely and invest smartly.

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    Yes, Orthopaedic Pillow is the best thing especially when you are suffering from neck, shoulder, back pain, and even to relieve from snoring and acid reflux.

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