How to choose a right size mattress in India?

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There are many factors that you have to keep in mind while choosing a mattress for you and your family, like firmness, hygiene, shape, size, fabric, material etc. But the most important aspect among all is to choose a perfect sized mattress. Like a luxurious bed defines your legacy and standard, a perfect sized mattress also enhances the glory of your bed and provides you a comfortable sleeping experience.  Before choosing a mattress you should know who is going to use that mattress. Different mattress comes for people of different age groups.

For choosing a right mattress the first step is to measure the size of the bed. A bed looks beautiful if a perfect sized mattress is placed on top of it. Beds come in different sizes- Single Size Bed, Queen Size Bed, King Size Bed and Cali King Size Bed. Proper understanding of bed size is important. Then after understanding your bed size you need to buy the mattress accordingly.

Below are the sizes mentioned that will make it easy for you to choose a right size mattress-

Single Sized MattressSingle Size Mattress mainly comes in three different sizes i.e., (length-72” width- 36” Height- 6”), (length-75” width- 36” Height- 6”), (length-78” width- 36” Height- 6”) As the name suggests the mattress is perfect for one person or for two kids.

Queen Sized MattressQueen Size Mattress is mostly preferred by couples. It gives perfect sleeping space to both of them without any disturbance. Mostly it comes in three different dimensions (length- 72” width- 60”, height- 6”), (length- 75” width- 60”, height- 6”), (length- 78” width- 60”, height- 6”).

King Sized MattressKing size mattresses are mostly preferred by nuclear family, a couple and one or two kids. Many different dimensions of king sized mattress are available in the market. Mainly it comes in six different sizes- (length- 72” width- 70”, height- 6”), (length- 72” width-72”, height- 6”), (length- 75” width- 70”, height- 6”), (length- 75” width- 72”, height- 6”), (length- 78” width- 70”, height- 6”), and (length- 78” width- 72”, height- 6”). King sized mattress gives perfect sleeping experience, to three people without any disturbance.

Cal King Sized Mattress- Cal King Size mattress is bigger than normal king sized mattress. This mattress is ideal for a tall person as it provides more legroom. California King Sized mattress comes in two different sizes- (length- 84” width- 72”, height- 6”) and (length- 84” width- 75”, height- 6”). This is the longest mattress available in the market.

Above mentioned points will make it clear that which size of mattress is perfect for which size of bed. You will also come to know that what is the perfect size of bed and mattress that you need for your family. But sometimes people prefer to customise their bed according to their desirable size and needs. In that case, it is quite tough task to get a perfect sized mattress for you. But it’s time to keep your worries of choosing perfect mattress aside, there are few mattress brands like Dormio that provides option of customising your mattress’s shape and size according to your need.

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