How to Choose a Right Pillow?

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With busy lifestyle, people are struggling to get a good night sleep. We often complain about the hurting neck or frozen shoulders, which of course minimizes our productivity at work. We often ask questions about which is the most comfortable pillow? Is it made of memory foam, latex or natural materials such as cotton or down feathers? Should I have high or low loft and what is suitable for what positions?

If you are asking yourself these questions, well you are not alone. We have researched about the different materials and types of present pros and cons of each, so you equipped with enough information and do not have to visit a store

A good mattress always need the support of good pillows. The best pillows according to our research are as follows

Anti- Snoring Pillow: It is an International award winning design, that has inflatable head side roller, which induces side sleep. According to the research, 59% of the people snore at night and the average level of snoring is 38 decibels. The snorers must be working if anti- snoring pillow help. Well, the answer is yes because these pillows have the same basic job to realign your head and neck to clear your airways while sleeping at night.

Ortho pillows: It comes with therapeutic design for pressure relief and core and It has the unique round shaped ridge the front that fits between the shoulder and cervical spine to support the neck and head. These pillows are carefully designed to correct the body positioning while resting. It is also known as therapeutic pillows because it promises to relieve various conditions like sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, breathing difficulty, blood circulation, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, lower back pain, neck pain etc.

Classic pillows: It creates a great cuddly environment by ensuring optimal pressure relief and provides great comfort.

Tinnitus Pillow: In almost every case, tinnitus is a subjective noise (person who has it can only hear). In rare cases, when the tinnitus is caused by abnormality in artery or vein and is the rhythm with the heartbeat. Now the technology has changed the game of tinnitus by introducing tinnitus pillows. It creates the a layer of music in your head, which distracts your fear of tinnitus. It comes with patented Pentino tinnitus masking sound which trains the patient’s brain to stop noticing the haunting tinnitus noise.

Vita Talalay pillow: It relaxes the cervical muscles and eliminates the pressure points and has been classically designed for comfort, support and pressure relief.

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