Happy programmer’s day to all the programmers!

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The life of a programmer is hard!

Developing oneself as a developer demands years and years of solid effort and constant focus. The Indian developer work alongside marketers, designers content creators, managers, designers and may other. But their life hurdles are often misunderstood.

What developers wish their colleagues understood about the job:

Though others fail to understand their job of what they do. But let us tell you, they are deeply involved in their work, mainly normal workflow do not apply. They are a true gamblers as they gamble with new tech fixes, that can work out very well and very poorly. The catch here is, it could take days and days of research and few seconds to implement.

Developers go through a turbulent mood swings. If you are a developer, you are probably way too familiar with the scenarios. If you work with developers, take a moment to smile and better understand their world.

After interviewing the programmers, we have realised that they are different breed but they all share one goal i.e. to give their customer and co-workers the support and innovation that they deserve!

  1. Jumping up and down in the excitement phase

If they are hit by an amazing idea, they go to endless possibilities to make it happen because they are consumed by their work and they would dive in deep with all the energy to make the project complete. They dont mind to go live all day and night. They get all excited to satisfy their curiosity about solving their problems.

  1. Getting in the zone and loving it!

In the social network, Justin Timberlake’s character try to greet a group of hackers. The Zukerberg character replies, “Do not bother greeting as they are in the zone.” They put off their lunch break for hours. They push off their visit to restroom because they do not want to stop- not even for a minute.

They code and code and code. With every code execution and every error, the solution is waiting right in front of them.

“If I just fix this error, I can take a break and straighten my back.” said the interviewee. The voice in the head keeps going to fix the bug.  The phase goes on for a full day but the satisfaction of slaying one more bug monster is more appealing.

  1. Refactoring the system and putting it on all on Red

From time and time again, they get epiphanies. They keep spotting a new technology or a better way of doing something. They feel eager and all excited as they want to know what exactly needs to be done to make code more optimised, cleaner and faster. Though they get highly pumped up to dig in hard. However, this often does not end well. The initial thought that this is going to be easy, peasy.

  1. Creating a custom bit of software

Creating a custom bit of software is generally not considered the world best idea. Updates to the most libraries are certain to break it. However, the temptation is always there. Even if they decide not to include custom elements in the software, they will break the rule. The fact remains the same, that cool things are not built in the library.

     5.  Getting Over the Hump and Feeling That Magic Moment

The hours and days spent on getting stuck on something is far more enjoyable. They drag on and on until they find the magic bullet. They might be working on something new or removing a nasty bug. Once they crack the code, they are incredibly relieved.

Dormio’s recommendation to programmers

    1. Eat Healthy- Eating healthy is important because you use the strategic part of your brain to make the impossible ends meet.
    2. Give rest to your body– Programmers should sleep for 8 hours a day in order to revive their body to stay active all day long.
    3. Choose the right mattressYou cannot rest your body well, if you do not sleep on a right mattress. Anybody working more than 8 hours should be resting on an orthopaedic mattress. Though it is hard to choose where to buy the mattress from, you should go for the one that doctors highly recommend i.e Dormio Latex Mattress. It keeps your spine straight and contours around your body so each and every part of the body gets enough rest. If you don’t sleep well, you don’t code well.

Choose a right pillow-If you don’t take care of your body, who else would. While interviewing the programmers we were informed that they usually face issues with back and neck. It is totally understandable that you sit and code all day long, resulting in a bad posture. It leads to slouched back and shoulders, causing you pain the neck and back. If you use a right orthopaedic pillow, you will be able to eradicate the problem because it ensures to keep the neck and spine straight. And guess what, it can be carried with you to your workplace.

Do not let your work get hammered because of your wrong choices about the mattress, Invest time in building a better you for a better tomorrow so you can enjoy a better future!!

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