Facts claiming latex mattress are the best!

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It is irrefutable that latex is the talk of the mattress town for all the right reasons. We at Dormio, as the leading latex mattress brand of India would like to ask you, how do you feel after waking up in the morning? Is it refreshed or still exhausted yearning to get some more sleep? These little things are actual signs of how your mattress could be failing to do its part. Dormio offers exclusive talalay latex in India in an attempt to ameliorate your sleeping experience. Allow us to throw some light on what makes Talalay Latex rule the mattress industry.

Bid adieu to dust mites with HYPOALLERGENIC QUALITY

The high level of breathability which Dormio’s latex mattress offers prevents dust mites in getting accumulated. It is true that natural latex is actually inherently hypoallergenic, the consistent flow of the air makes sure that the comfort material stays dry during all times. You won’t have to worry about dust mites as they require dark and damp places to nest in. The mattress that Dormio has to offer is supreme quality, Talalay Latex. Reports suggest that Talalay Latex is actually 4 time more breathable than the other latex- Dunlop latex.

Adapts to contours of your body: Optimal support

Cherishing a good night’s sleep is all about comfort and to maintain that level of comfort through-out the night. Latex mattress emanates optimal support, comfort and softness. In fact, they support while caressing your pressure point, with the aim to keep your spine and back perfectly aligned. This ameliorates the condition of your muscles, enabling them to truly relax. To demystify further, our mattresses will allow you to sleep much longer without hampering your sleep or you needing to wake up during the night due to any discomfort from the mattress.

Warm in winter and cool in the summers: Climate control properties

Latex mattresses are highly breathable mattresses and comfort material. Studies reveal that the usual mattresses tend to espouse the room temperature especially making it unbearably hot in the summer seasons. Whereas, latex mattresses are engineered in such a manner as to allow the appropriate amount of air to pass across the mattress. This actually allows the comfort material that Dormio has to offer, to breathe as you breathe and thus, to enable as well as to equally maintain the utmost level of comfortable sleep temperature during all times. So, embrace the sweetest dreams as you sleep warm in the winters and cool in summers.

The eco-friendly choice: Sustainable mattress

We at Dormio as one of the best mattress and pillow brands can vouch that latex mattresses have been proved to be the best in terms of environment. Organic latex mattresses are better as these biodegradable and are obtained from sustainable, transparent and fair sources.

The Talalay latex which Dormio offers are the finest quality of natural and healthy latex mattress with every bit being derived from sustainable sources. It involves zero artificial fillers or additives even in the production. Also, the manufacturing of it takes up more carbon dioxide released!

Safe for you, safe for the planet: The ethical move

Off-gassing has been a matter of concern within the mattress industry. To elaborate it, when little bits of the comfort material which is installed in the mattress naturally elopes out of the it and mixes into the air which we breathe. This can prove to be highly toxic, depending upon the comfort material’s quality you sleep on. With our natural and organic latex mattresses however, we at Dormio brim with pride to state that our mattress are engineered so precisely that they do not off-gas.

Dormio’s mattress has a toxicity score of zero. Our natural comfort material has been awarded with numerous certificates proving it to be the greatest choice for the planet and for YOU!

We at Dormio hope that you will take all these points into consideration before buying a new mattress!

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