Determining the Right Mattress – Size, Firmness, Type?

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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Achy or Healthy? Tired or Fresh? It depends upon on which type of mattress you spend your whole night. If your nights are sleepless and your body feel tired and achy, then no need to go to the doctor. It might be possible that your mattress is not right for you. In India a lot of people don’t know how to choose a right mattress. I have written this article by keeping Indian people and Indian requirements in mind. By going through this article you will come to know about best mattress for sleeping in India.

For selecting best mattress, you should know the perfect size, firmness and right type. Here is your mattress guide to give solution of all your mattress related problems.

How to choose right size of the mattress?

For choosing right size mattress first you need to know the right size of your bed. Use a measuring tape to measure your bed size.

Place one end of the measuring tape at the right side of the bed. Pull the tape out until it reaches the left corner. Then set the end of the tape at the middle top of the bed. Stretch the tape until you reach the middle bottom of the bed. Here is the measurement of mattress sizes, that will let you know whether your bed is Single Size, Queen Size or other.

Measurement of Single Size Mattress– 36*72, 36*75, 36*78

Measurement of Queen Size Mattress– 60*72, 60*75, 60*78

Measurement of King Size Mattress– 70*72, 70*75, 70*78, 72*72, 72*75, 72*78

Cal King Sized Mattress– 84*72, 84*78

These are the size of the mattresses that are commonly available in the market, but there are few companies that provides customisation option as well. So, if you have customized your bed size according to your need you can go those companies.

How to decide firmness of the mattress?

Deciding firmness of mattress is one of the most important thing that one need to know before buying a mattress. Firmness of mattress depends upon the material used in the mattress. Natural Memory Foam and Natural Latex are the best materials that gives proper firmness and support. There are suitable for all age and all skin types. Good brands produce highly luxurious mattresses that are best for sleeping in India. Best mattress brands keep health and hygiene as their prime concern.

What type of mattress to choose?

Different type of mattress comes for different people. There are huge variety of mattresses in the market. Your selection of mattress depends upon your need. Orthopaedic mattresses are for people suffering from joint pain, back pain, neck pain, cervical pain or any type of pain caused due to sleeping on wrong mattress, memory foam mattresses are made up from softest foam and provides good firmness. Memory foam mattresses adjusts according to our body temperature. Latex mattresses provides supportsand comfort. And improves the body posture.

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