Choosing an Ordinary Mattress can be Chronic for your Health

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How do you feel after spending the entire night on your mattress? Is it a relaxing or a painful experience? We as a human spend approximately 60% of our lives while commuting, sitting, talking, dancing, working, and so on. While the remaining 40% is entirely dedicated to the sleeping hours we take during our entire life span.

Because Sleep is Important

Sleep is that element of human existence which is of utmost importance. Whether you are an infant, kid, teen, or an adult, everybody requires a healthy and good amount of sleep for the proper functioning of the human body. So, when sleep plays such a crucial role in our lives, why not think about enhancing it?

In today’s era, people are opting out for various ways to turn health conscious. While some can be seen hitting the gym daily, others might be consulting some dieticians or nutritionists for a healthy lifestyle. But what about our sleeping pattern? Are you doing something for transforming your sleep into a relaxing, comfortable, and healthy one?

Sleep Disorders Widespread in India

Citing the survey conducted by The Nielsen, almost 93% of Indians suffer from sleep deprivation out of which 87% agree that the lack of good sleep is taking a serious toll on their health. Sleep disorders represent a significant number in India, which is definitely an overlooked problem.

Some of the side effects you might encounter due to unhealthy sleep can include drowsiness, obesity, back pain, weak immune system, and so on. If you had to solve this puzzle, what can be the prime reason behind the uneasy and unhealthy sleep giving birth to several sleep disorders?

What’s causing the Rise in Sleep Disorders?

Sleep problems can be caused due to several factors. The cases might differ, but the end result is all about sleep disorders that will eventually take a big toll on your health. Some factors that can cause sleep disorders might include physical disturbances, psychiatric disorders, medical issues, and environmental issues.

Such factors put your life at risk which can turn into a bizarre thing at times. Thus, it’s high time to analyze the cause behind your sleeping disorder and act accordingly.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is quite simple. It’s all about attaining a good and healthy sleep that can keep you fresh and away from any sleep-related disorders. So, how to improve your sleeping hours?

The mattress is an important element of the bed where we sleep. The kind of surface it incorporates directly impacts the sleeping hours of ours. Especially after spending 14-16 rough hours working outside, it becomes your right to have the best possible sleep that can help you to feel fresh and healthy the next morning you wake up. So, whenever you go for purchasing a mattress next time, do your research properly and try to lookout for a good and healthy mattress.

A good mattress not only offers you a surface to lie down but blesses you with numerous health benefits as well. From correcting your body posture to preventing pain and tackling snoring, a good mattress can definitely offer you the best sleep of your life to date.

Some mattresses can be a bit expensive as well. This is where you need to decide whether your health is more important or the pricing of the mattress?

Dormio Mattress: A One-Stop Solution

Dormio mattress is of German quality, globally known for its trustworthy quality. For all your sleep disorders, Dormio’s mattresses are tailored made as per the requirements of the customers, conforming to the highest quality standards.

With Dormio’s mattresses, you can get a good, comfortable, and healthy sleep, helping you wake up fresh and relaxed with renewed energy.

Some of the unique properties of Dormio’s mattresses are:

  • The Talalay Latex which is used provides the extra layer of comfort for enhancing your healthy sleep
  • The presence of open porous materials in the mattress offers brilliant climate regulating properties
  • The pinpoint support available in the mattress helps you to get the optimal positioning of the joints and spine, resulting in relaxed muscles

Opting for an ordinary mattress just for saving some penny can be hazardous for your health. Choose your mattress wisely today and welcome a great, comfortable, relaxing, and healthy sleep home.

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