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As per a report by ‘The Statesman’, 48% Indians have complaints of back problems that results due to bad sleeping patterns and habits. Every individual is different and so are their needs and requirements. Knowing what your body needs can make it comforting for you to choose from the varied options of mattresses available in the market.

Specialists agree that getting great rest is one of the absolute and most ideal approaches to keep up with and work on our wellbeing. And as an addition to that, mattresses play a vital role in our capacity to rest soundly. Yet, many individuals ignore its significance and continue to opt for a sleeping habit that neglects to offer sufficient help and solace.

To be precise, around 20% Indians suffer from backaches and neck problems that happen due to low-quality mattresses along with opting for the wrong latex mattress. Also, some researches show that people who sleep well are comparatively healthier than the ones who have disturbed sleep or untimely sleeping patterns.  Thus, it’s important to know which kind of mattress is suitable for your body in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

For different age groups, different types of mattresses are required so as to maintain comfort. Comfort can be affordable too, so it’s better to customize the mattress according to what your body needs.

For the kids and the teenagers whose weight varies from 40 – 50 kg, Talalay Memory Foam is suggested which has the configuration of one latex and the 4-memory foam. It furnishes extraordinary solace and backing with its huggable delicate feel which is cozy and soft to touch.

For the people whose weight varies from 60kg-80kg, a 6-inch firm mattress is suggested with one layer of memory foam, and Talalay Latex to give firmness to the body. It gives a comfortable sleep to the body with minimal interruptions and sound sleep.

The people whose weight is above 80kgs, Talalay Latex mattress with 50% density is advised which keeps their body in shape, providing good support to their spine and posture. While for teenagers or young adults, the memory foam mattress is advisable. It adapts to the body posture and relieves the pressure points.

But for old people, especially aging 40 years or above, a comfortable mattress with back support is suggested with 1 layer of latex, another layer of memory foam, and no density.  The orthopedics mattress is preferred which gives luxurious feels with comfort. The high-density foam makes the mattress sturdy while the cover is highly breathable and ventilated.

With an increase in the number of working hours and stress, this mattress is specially designed to support the spine and back. Furthermore, the Talalay Latex mattress provides adequate comfort with just the right firmness for your human body. For the people having bodyweight issues or discomfort in addressing their needs according to their requirements, they should have their mattress customized for sound and comforting sleep.

Dormio products are tailored made according to the requirement of the customer and conform to the highest quality standards. Being India’s one of the top mattresses and pillows online brand, Dormio’s product can come to your aid, helping you get the right sleep you had been craving all this long.

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