Choose the Best Mattress Type?

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A mattress may seem like a one whole body, ignoring all the components layered together make a mattress.  They all might look similar, but underneath there are dozens of components that determine the comfort level and durability of the mattress.

Do not worry! We have peeled the layers to tell you the perfect mattress for you. 4 main best types of mattresses are explained below:

Innerspring mattresses: These mattress use a network of steel springs coils to act as a supporter. These springs might be tied to each other or in a singular unit. When buying this type of mattress, you must have heard about coil gauge. It refers to the density of the wires tied together to make the spring. These springs can break easily inside the mattress, without you realising. It would leave you in pain by making your sleeping surface uneven.

Memory foam mattressesThese mattresses can reduce the pressure points, which softens the contours of the body, leaving good blood flow during sleep. This material create a healthy sleep environment, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. It is a perfect mattress for anyone with allergies or breathing issues. This mattress also act as a cushiony sleepy environment, making you feel like sleeping in the air.

Latex mattresses- Mattresses made from Latex are considered the best mattresses. It has open cell structure, which make you feel cold in summer and hot during winters. It is the only mattress that comes with a ventilation feature. So, if you are buying a latex mattress you never have to think about cleaning your mattress or rotating your mattress. It is 100% organic mattress as it is made from the sap of rubber tree, which is a natural anti dust, mite, mold and mildew. Sleepers love this mattress as it is highly comfortable, breathable, bouncy and responsive. This type of mattress also come with a no motion feature, meaning it has zero partner disturbance advantage.

Hybrid mattresses- These mattress are also gaining  increased popularity. You can compromise with a hybrid the combines the best quality of the two. You can combine memory foam and Latex mattress if you want to enjoy the advantages of the both. Or you could just keep using your current mattress and buy a layer of latex top.

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