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Two thirds of the adult prefer to sleep on their sides. It comes with both, pros and cost. To name a few


Proper Balance: Sleeping with aligned back and pelvis will reduce pressure and pain.

Improved breathing: Polluted air in India is a major concern for most of us, so sleeping on one  side makes a passage for more air circulation, making the position best for those with acid reflux and sleep apnea.

Better for Heart: Having constant deaths around us because of heart problems scare us. Sleeping on ones left side avoid heart pressure, that can alleviate heartburn, improving blood circulation.


Support: Lack of support for back and shoulder could lead to cervical pain.

Pressure and Pain: Sleeping on one side might hurt hip and shoulder that can lead to lower back pain.

Solution for Side Sleeper

The three buying decisions play a major role on improving the quality and quantity of sleep.

  1. Choose the right mattress.
  2. Choose the right pillow to promote neck alignment while you are asleep.
  3. Consider buying a small pillow to place between your knees.

Mattress Selection – Is Latex  Mattress good for side sleepers?

Latex mattresses are perfect for side sleepers. It provides cushiony support and contouring to keep the spine aligned while resting on one side. It also come in a variety of firmness levels, making suitable for side sleeper. Most side sleepers find comfort in medium mattress firmness.  Medium support provides proper spinal alignment that contours to the sleepers body, relieving pressure on hip and shoulder, while lying on one side. It allows sleepers more softness, that allow the hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress yet maintaining the balance, to keep the spine aligned.

While buying a mattress,one should consider the body weight. To elaborate, people who are under 54 kilos should prefer a firmness of medium soft or soft and those who are above 98 kilos should prefer firmness of medium firm.  

Choosing the right Pillow

Sleeping on the pillow that does not provide the right amount of support or hold its shape can lead to neck pain and headache for side sleepers. This is caused by pillow that lack adequate amount of alignment.  According to doctors, right pillow provides sufficient support to keep the head, neck and spine in a natural horizontal line while you are asleep.

Consider Using a pillow between the Knees

Sleeping with a firm pillow between your knees prevent the downward pull, allowing your spine to remain in proper alignment while you are asleep. Firm Pillow work better than soft pillow for this purpose.


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